Society for Photographic Education Southeast Regional Conference

Over the weekend I got to attend yet another amazing SPE regional conference in Charlotte NC.   My friend Allison just texted me that she was having SPE withdrawals, so I decided to write a blog to relive it.  Our trip out of Angier NC took us through 7 counties that morning and with a early check-in, meant we were out the door by 5:30am.  Thank you Harnett, Lee, Moore, Montgomery, Stanly, Cabarrus, Mecklenburg and Bojangles.

Friday:  After conference check in and photo “swag” gathering we hit the lecture halls.  

First off:     was “Breaking All The Rules” by S. Gayle Stevens, an incredible showing of her work with wet plate processes.  Points from this were, using old developer, Chemitypes, converted Holgas/pinholes for wet plate and: Two Old Women -  .org - John Coffer.

Second wind:     was one of my favorites from the weekend.  Went into the talk with the notion of “another southern landscape artist” and came out being blown away from the awesomeness of concept and composition!   Eliot Dudik had my art heart, big camera? Check! Large format? Check! Exquisite images?  Double Check! (no pun intended, if you know the pun then you must have been there)  Being in college on the other side of the state makes you more aware of the changes being made in your hometown, so I understood his reason to photograph and catalog U.S. Route 17 before its imitate changes due to it

"…being widened to accommodate commerce, tourists, and urban refugees."

 Then he got into the “Exposing Film in a Digital Age” part of the lecture.  I though about this again later in the weekend when a conference participant asked a workshop of photographers what was their medium….going around the room, each was “digital” “digital” “film” “digital” “digital” “digital” and then it got to me and I said “it depends on the concept.”  I do not want to be defined by the majority of my work but by it as a whole.

Dear Kodak, thanks for the film. 

Lunch: Fuel  

Third flow:     Andy Bloxham and his most recent Shootapalooza made us all blind from the sheer brilliancy….he does have nice ginger hair after all.  Anyway, Mr. Bloxham came to ECU to do a shoot/workshop (last year) and I was unable to attend (except for a few frames of bowling at the student union) SO I was hella excited about being at the lecture and was not disappointed by his points on art and also his new work. 9 months and such.

Forth:     Went to “Those DAM Student Workshops” and learned some stuff and hit the opening reception of “Sometime Other Than Now” at The Light Factory and a survey of work by the Honored Educator: Phil Moody.

Dinner: Queen City BBQ Festival, Saucemans (street location) Drinks: Connolly’s Irish Pub

Saturday: to be written later this weekend!

Sunday: to be written later this weekend as well! 


Japanese artists Yoshihisa Tanaka and Ryuta Liada have come up with a brilliant photography project. In Misunderstanding Focus, subjects were asked to stand as still as possible for 3 minutes while a camera recorded their movements. 

After that, the team compiled the images taken into a single picture. 

Layered Portraits Taken Over a Span of 3 Minutes

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Here we go again! This weekend’s Formula 1 Gran Premio de España 2013 in Barcelona signals the start of the first European section of the Formula One World Championship and it will be a crucial race for every team.

This is where everyone brings their big updates. Those that are up front, such as Red Bull, hope to move further ahead. Others who are a little behind, such as Lotus, Ferrari and Mercedes, will hope to be closing the gap.


The most intense movie scene ever.

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